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Our Products

We have a passion for quality

Be it small or large, value or indulgent, we do everything we can to ensure that all the Muffins and Scones we make are the best product they can be. All of our products are batch baked with hands on care shown by our bakers. We use traditional techniques along with modern baking methods to enhance the quality of our products. Our unique batch baking allows us the flexibility to change recipes, flavours and packaging options with every batch, providing the customer a range of options, from product shape and size, branding of boxes and paper case colours right through to case size and pallet type. All products are hand packed and inspected and are free from artificial colours and flavours.


We supply the finest quality muffins that are deliciously soft , bursting with real flavour and created in a classic dome shape. At Milish Bakery we craft ranges from simply delicious Chocolate to more decadent and premium flavours. We bring creativity, innovation and mouthwatering moments to every bite!


Our Scones are made to traditional recipes with the dough gently formed to ensure the perfect balance of light soft crumb, yet sturdy enough to enjoy with generous dollops of jam and cream.

Fruit Scones

Multiberry Scones


As populations continue to grow, global ecosystems and natural resources become ever more strained. We understand these issues and the need from sustainable business practice, and wherever possible, work to reduce our impact.

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